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Family Sessions

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I love finding the beauty of everyday life and sharing a family’s story through natural, beautiful and honest photos. Real people living real lives.

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Where do you take the photos? Do you have a white backdrop? 

I have got a white background but I specialise in lifestyle photography and the focus is more on capturing your life, personalities and relationship. I love to work in different places and with natural light so our shoot will take place at your home, somewhere you frequent (a park or woods you like to trek through) or somewhere new and undiscovered –  anywhere we like! I’m happy to travel – within reason…if you want me to take photos of your holiday to Tenerife, we might need to have a chat about that! It’s fun to mix it up and take some pictures at home and some out and about. Somewhere outside is the most popular choice, especially with little ones in tow. Gives them chance to burn off some energy and I find that they’re more relaxed when we’re on mutual territory!

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What’s a mini session?

I am really passionate about capturing my own family but I know that having annual photoshoots is not always feasible. On occasion, I offer special minishoots which are perfect as gifts or a treat. These sessions are shorter and you receive fewer photos than with a regular session so the price reflects that. They are very popular and I book up quite quickly. If you’d like to check availability for April and May, please email me.

What should we wear?

This is the question I get asked the most so allow me to ramble for a little bit…

Co-ordination is key.  Now when I say co-ordinate, I mean look like you’re a family and not a group of people that just met.  But you don’t have to completely match.  Everyone in jeans and a super white T-shirt is really 80’s and dated (if that’s how you dress all the time then you rock on with your bad self).  You want to find something you’re comfortable in, that co-ordinates and compliments the rest of the family’s outfits. So if you’re all wearing pastels, we don’t want someone wearing head to toe black and if 5 of you are wearing ripped jeans, the one in a party dress is really going to stand out! The other thing I would say is to the mums – wear something YOU feel great in. Men usually don’t care and kids look adorable in anything so call the shots here and don’t wear anything that you don’t feel comfortable in. If you hate your arms – cover them! Layering is your friend. Find a nice jacket or cardigan and cover ’em up.
Also, think about the location we’ve chosen for your session. If it’s somewhere green, blues are going to look great, if we’re beach bound then turquoise and pinks are going to work really well.
I’m not a huge fan of big logos and cartoon characters. I think they date an image and trust me, the Peppa Pig top does not look great on a large canvas.
Shoes are really important. While they might be comfortable, your old battered trainers or Uggs really aren’t going to look great.

A couple of examples for you…

This family went for 3 colours – pale blue, navy & pink. I think they look great together. They aren’t super matchy, the clothes compliment each other and I think it looks really natural


Same colour but different textures


What if the kids misbehave?

I’m a mum myself and have spent most of my working life with kids so at this point, nothing phases me! Some parents are really worried about their child being on their best behaviour but I want to capture their personality most of all (and lovely smiles too, of course!). Bring along a snack and a favourite toy just incase they need some comfort. Outfit changes are always a good idea too, we know what kids are like and it’s nice to have a couple of different looks for the pictures. Don’t worry about getting them to practise smiling – the “CHEESE!!” smile that kids do is so fake! And don’t worry if they don’t smile – some kids (just like adults) aren’t very smiley. Some of my favourite kid pictures are of silly or serious little faces.

What happens at our session?

I’ll talk to you beforehand about what you really want from the session and which are the must have shots for you. We’ll speak on the phone before so I can get an idea of who you are, so that I can capture your personality and relationships in your photos. Additionally, you will probably be more comfortable in front of the camera if we know each other a little better. I might tell you where to stand and what I think looks good but I’ll mostly let you be yourself although there is no set routine or specific formula that I stick to – especially where children are concerned. They quite often have their own agenda and I find that the best approach is to just go with it. If children are happy, it shows in their faces, which results in fabulous photographs and happy memories which is what it’s all about. At the start of the session, most people prefer for me to give them some direction and we’ll quickly learn from there what looks good. My objective is to make you look fabulous! I love when clients say to me “We LOVE the photos!” so trust me, I won’t do anything that will make you look stupid. Pinky promise. I only ever book one session per day so there is no rush for time. Generally the sessions last a couple of hours but this is very flexible.


What happens after our session?

After our time together I’ll take care to select and prepare the very best images for your session gallery and present them to you to view and order, either in person or online. I love that people are always so excited to see their galleries! Making adjustments takes time and care so don’t be surprised if it’s a couple of weeks before your completed gallery is ready. I will put a preview up for you, either on Facebook, my blog or privately within 2 days (it’s usually later that evening because I just can’t wait!). Depending on the time of year (summer is much busier for me), it’ll be about 10-14 days for your completed gallery but I’ll keep you updated.

I’m never happier than when families display the images we created together in their homes and because of this I offer affordable and beautiful products. There’s no hard sell, and no minimum spend. It’s about helping you to share the images you love.

Bespoke family photography is more than “just photos” to me – it’s a moment captured, shared and enjoyed again and again. It’s telling the story of your journey as a family – let’s tell yours!

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At home or location family sessions and newborn packages start from £95 and include a pre-shoot consultation by phone or email, an hour long photoshoot and digital editing and artistic enhancements to ensure each image is beautifully processed. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a session or if you’d like me to send a copy of my price list.